This tour is supervised by the Blue Zone Okinawa Research Center
This tour is supervised by the Blue Zone Okinawa Research Center

Blue Zone Okinawa WellnessTour
~The trip to Okinawa to find the way to
"better living" rather than just live longer.~



*Please apply for this tour with 2 or more people.

Greetings from the supervisor of this tour, Dr. Masashi Arkawa, The leading authority on Blue Zone Okinawa.

Dr. Masashi Arakawa
Dr. Masashi Arakawa


-Professor and Doctor of Medicine, Department of Wellness Research, Faculty of International and Regional Development, University of the Ryukyus
-Advisor of  Wellness Tour Japan.

Okinawa is characterized by a tranquil, original landscape that Japanese people find relaxing, nature worship in which gods are believed to reside in the forest, ocean, and all things. Such a tradition of animism has been handed down. Okinawa is included in the five "Blue Zones" (areas where people of good health and longevity).


A Danish twin study estimated that longevity is 15% to 25% influenced by genetics and up to 75% by factors acquired after birth. Lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, rest, and stress management have been shown to be significantly related to longevity.


I hope that the trip to Okinawa will help you to find the way to "better living" rather than just live longer.

What is the "Blue Zone"?- Where people live the longest.

The Blue Zones are the regions of the world where people live the longest, and there are five of them in the world. (Loma Linda, California, USA / Nicoya, Costa Rica / Ikaria, Greece/ Sardinia, Italy and Okinawa, Japan)


The term Blue Zone was first coined by Gianni Pes, a physician on the Italian island of Sardinia, then confirmed by Belgian epidemiologist Michel Poulin, and then internationally defined as a place of demographically confirmed longevity by Dan Buettner.

Where is Okinawa and Geographical Factors for Longevity in Okinawa

©Masashi, Arakawa Ph.D,  Center of Wellness and Tourism Reserch, University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa Japan.
©Masashi, Arakawa Ph.D, Center of Wellness and Tourism Reserch, University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa Japan.


Okinawa is located in 1,550 kilometers Southwest from Tokyo, consisted of 160 islands in the Pacific Ocean, has long been known as a region of longevity. Okinawa is characterized by a mild climate, white sandy beaches lined with palm trees, and clear turquoise water.


Geographical Factors for Longevity in Okinawa

Okinawa is sometimes described as the Hawaii of Japan, a prefecture located on the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by the sea on all sides. Just taking a walk in the turquoise ocean has a healing effect (i.e., sea therapy), and the mild climate relaxes and soothes the body and mind. Brilliant sunshine also helps the body to produce vitamin D.


Why is Okinawa a region of longevity?

Dietary habits

1. The idea of " Food is Medicine"(="Nuchigusui")

2. Using less Salt


Physical Activities

3. ”Ikigai”, Desire to work vigorously throughout life

4. Exercise Habits 

5. Belonging to a community
(Avoid loneliness, contribute to reducing stress)

Good Rest & Good Sleep

6. Napping Habits

7. Good Sleep


Social Relationships: "Tsunagari"

8. Social Support (Emotional Support)

9. Mutual Aid

Okinawan people are cheerful, so kind, and very supportive!
This trip will surely brighten your heart like an Okinawa's beautiful Sunshine. 
I hope the video below conveys the kindness of Okinawan local people!


"Tsunagari"=Connections with People: The Okinawan's Warm Heart and the Spirit of Caring others.

The lives of Okinawa's long-lived people are very simple. They eat fresh food as it is, gather with their neighbors, laugh, and talk. They share freshly picked vegetables from their small garden with their neighbors and call out to each other when they are out of sight.

Here are some examples of Okinawan words which show their friendliness, hospitality and caring others.

  • Once you meet someone, you're all brothers
  • "Yui (tie, cooperation) maru(to turn around) " = mutual aid
  • If you do your best, don't worry about the rest. Heaven will take care of it.


It is reported that:

  • Okinawan people  are three times higher to live to be 100 years old compered to Americans
  • One-fifth the rate of heart disease as Americans, and live about seven years longer in good health.

(Citation: "The Blus Zones 2nd edition" by Dan Buettner, translated by Dr. Masashi Arakawa)


With one of the local families. Taking a picture in front of their sugarcane fields.
With one of the local families. Taking a picture in front of their sugarcane fields.
Making an Okinawa doughnut  at one of the local familys' house.
Making an Okinawa doughnut at one of the local familys' house.

Learn how to play the sanshin from a local.
Learn how to play the sanshin from a local.
Fun time flies by!
Fun time flies by!

"Nuchigusui", The Medicine of Life (The Okinawan's word: Food is medicine.)


In Okinawa, eating is very important. There is a beautiful custom to call their local medicinal herbs, vegetables, fruits  and other daily foods as "Nuchigusui," which means "the medicine of life", and the okinawa  people thank to the food when the meal is over.


Long-lived people in Okinawa eat a lot of high-quality protein, minerals, and vegetables.

Island vegetables grown under the Okinawan sun are high in antioxidants and have been even used traditionaly as medicinal herbs!



【Notice】 Pork has also been an important ingredient in Okinawa since the days of the Ryukyus Kingdom.

For this reason, pork, tofu (island-tofu) which contains protein and seaweeds, which are rich in minerals  are often used in Okinawan cuisine.  If you do not eat meat, please let us know and we can prepare fish dishes.


The fresh food that support Okinawa's longevity

bitter gourd
bitter gourd

Rich in vitamin C, its quantity is about four times that of lemons. The vitamin C is not destroyed even when heated.


In Okinawa, mugwort is believed to cure the diseases. Okinawan mugwort is characterized by its relatively low bitterness.

Island Tofu
Island Tofu

It contains a good balance of nutrients such as high-quality protein, vitamins B1, B2, B6, niacin, folic acid, and vitamin E. It helps metabolize carbohydrates, promotes metabolism, and relieves fatigue. 


Mozuku, edible seaweed
Mozuku, edible seaweed

Mozuku is a type of seaweed that is low in calories and healthy. It contains dietary fiber,enhancing immunity, expelling cholesterol and a variety of other nutrients.

purple fleshed sweet potato
purple fleshed sweet potato

Okinawan red potatoes, also known as purple potatoes, are mostly reddish purple in flesh color. They have excellent antioxidant properties.

okinawan banana
okinawan banana

It is about half the size of a typical imported banana and is characterized by its intense sweetness and acidity. They are also made into banana vinegar and drunk.


It is a traditional good-luck ingredient in Okinawa, an indispensable part of court cuisine. Rich in starch, it is relatively high in potassium, calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C among potatoes.


In addition to containing vitamin A and potassium, it also contains a large amount of an enzyme called papain, which is attracting attention as a healthy food.

Details of the Tour 

We made the special Blue Zone Okinawa Wellness tours  that you can only have here and find the way to "better living".

This tour is packed with the tips of Blue Zone Okinawa's longevity.

If you are interested in learning profoundly about the Blue Zone Okinawa, this is the tour for you!

★2 Days Blue Zone Okinawa WellnessTour (Homestay) Itinerary

Day 1

Morning: Private chartered taxi and private English Speaking Guide will pick you up at your hotel.


-"Food is a Medicine": Blue Zone Cooking Class & Lecture from an Expert,  Blue Zone Longevity Lunch. 

-Lecture about the Okinawa's longevity from the Blue Zone Cuisine expert and cook together!

You can learn not only about "Nuchigusui" (Medicine of life) ,
but also food that supports Longevity in Okinawa.

Blue Zone Lunch is included.


*English Speaking Guide will translate for the cooking class.


Afternoon: Go to a host family's house.


-"Tsunagari": Home Stay at a Warm hearted Local Family.

Stay 1 night at  a local host family.

(Dinner and Breakfast included) 


Experience fully the Okinawan lifestyle and their warm hearts!


*Host families do not speak English.

Also, there are no English-speaking guides during the homestay.

However, guests always enjoy their stay!


Day 2

Morning: check out  of your homestay by 11:00.

Private charterd taxi will send you to your hotel.


Tour ends.


*If your hotel is far away, there may be an additional charge for a chartered taxi. (We will inform you in advance if there is an additional charge)

Tour fee for 2 days Blue Zone Okinawa Wellness Tour

We are currently refining the tour content, and a new 1day course will be set up in Spring!
So we will let you know the prices as soon as they are decided.

Please inquire us!


*2 days Blue Zone Tour fee includes 
・Blue Zone Cooking Class +Lecture from an Expert
・Homestay at a local family for 1night  (Dinner and Breakfast included.)
・Private chartered taxi on Day 1 
・Private chartered English speaking Guide on Day1.
・BLUE ZONE Longevity Lunch on Day1.
What excluded:
・Personal expenses.
・Transportation on Day2. 
Tour conditions:
・Minimum number of participants:1 group of 2 people up to 4people.    (* Please inquire for rates for 5 or 6 participants.)
・Tour deadline: 1 month prior to the tour departure date.
About a Weather: From May to mid-June, Okinawa enters the rainy season, so rain continues to fall.
On the other hand, late January to early February is the best season for cherry blossoms in Okinawa!


*After receiving your application, we will check the availability of homestay, English speaking guide,
and Blue Zone Cooking class, 
and reply whether we can accommodate you on your requested date.

Cancellation Charges:

A cancellation fee will be charged from the following date.


・20days to 8days before the tour : 20% of the tour fee.

・7 days to 4 days before the tour:  30% of the tour fee.

・3 days before the tour: 40% of the tour fee.

・2 days before the tour: 50% of the tour fee.

・On the day of the tour: 100% of the tour fee.



Q1. What are the characteristics of your BLUE ZONE OKINAWA Wellness tour?

A1. ①Our Blue Zones tour was created in collaboration with the experts who contributed to Netflix's Okinawa Blue Zone part.
Some of our Blue Zone Cooking Class teachers have been featured on Netflix.
② This tour was made with the help of many local people!  So you'll have a lot of time to spend directly with the locals!
③The tour fee includes the chartered taxi on Day1 and 1 night accommodation (with dinner & Breakfast).

Q2.  Will I meet centenarians?

A2.  This is a very difficult question to answer, but after the broadcast, many people came to Okinawa wanting to meet the centenarians. Although this is a very gratifying experience, some centenarians became unwell due to their busy schedules.
Therefore, we prioritize the health of centenarians and do not schedule them on our tour in advance.


However, the locals people are very happy to have many people to visit Okinawa from overseas, and there are many healthy

people in their late 80s and 90s (almost centenarians), and some of them are still working and enjoying their lives(= "Ikigai")!
so we are refining our current program and also working to announce a new program in the spring to visit such healthy long-lived people!

"Dear Yoko-san,

My time in Okinawa with the experiences, especially the host family was no doubt one of the highlights of the trip for me.
In fact, I loved everything you organised for us. It was a really privilege to be able to spend time with you as our host,
as well as all the local people. I loved how unique and tailored the experience was and how accommodating, kind and flexible you were as our host. You truly went above and beyond in accommodating us.

These memories are so special to us and will remain with us for the rest of our lives. Whenever I look back at the photos, or think about our time in Okinawa, I feel all these fond and warm emotions. You really have a beautiful heart and we wish you
the best with your journey in Japan and in running your wellness business.

I know we will be back in Japan in the future at some point in our lives, perhaps with our future children 😄
Have a wonderful rest of your year. We are sending lots of fortune, health and love your way!  Domo Arigatou!" 
Mei,  Australia 

"Hello Yoko-san!

Okinawa was one of the highlights of our trip to Japan so thank you for helping us experience so many amazing things.
We would definitely love to explore more of Japan one day!
I have attached some pictures and Video from Okinawa which you may also like to see, our stay with the host family was one we will always remember, they were so kind and happy!"
Matthew, Australia

Find the way to "better living" rather than just live longer.

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【Note】*After receiving your application, we will check the availability of homestay, English speaking guide,
and Blue Zone Cooking class, 
and reply whether we can accommodate you on your requested date.

Okinawa has a lot to offer you!

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We can also offer a tailor-made Okinawa tour according to your budget and wishes.

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