【Limited to 2 people】

 Experience Japanese Culture & Private Wellbeing Tour
in Hiroshima & Yamaguchi, Japan
3 days 

~Very unique tour supervised by a doctor 


*Please apply for 2 persons.This Tour is just for you!


Tour Dates:

・April 11-13, 2024   
・April 25-27, 2024

・May  9-11, 2024

・May 23 -25 2024

Tour Fee:

   320,000JPN/ PER PERSON

Itukushima Shrine in Hiroshima, the World Heritage
Itukushima Shrine in Hiroshima, the World Heritage

A Journey that satisfies your mind & Body


Would you like to experience and share Japanese culture?

How about a special lunch prepared just for you and an oriental treatment 

while listening to the sound of running water in the forest?


This tour is supervised by a doctor who is knowledgeable about Food and Health&Beauty.

During the tour, the doctor will conduct a mineral health 🄬 check and advise you on the best foods

for create & keep your good health and beauty!



The tour includes:

-Mineal Health🄬Check and Health Consultation from a doctor.

-A visit to a 100-year-old local Sake brewery and Sake tasting.

-Onsen(=Natural Hot Spring)

-Kimono & Macha(traditional Japanese tea) experiences.

-Zazen (Zen Meditaion) experience at a temple.
-Mineral-Rich Cuisine just for you!

-Oriental Body Treatment (60min) at a salon located in a forest with a mountain stream.

-A visit to Hiroshima, the World Heritage & Yamaguchi by a chartered taxi.

-A Private English Speaking Driver (Hiroshima) & An English Speaking Guide (Yamaguchi)


*Yamaguchi was selected as one of the "52 Places to Go in 2024" by the 『New York Times』!


1. Visit the Japan's World Heritage & Tradition

Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima in Hiroshima, the World Heritage:

We visit the Itukushima Shrine on Miyajima in Hiroshima on Day1. 

Itsukushima Shrine has been called "God's Island" since ancient times and is famous for its shrine pavilions built as if floating on the sea. Itsukushima Shrine is said to grant wishes for traffic safety, good luck, victory, and marriage.


- Take time to visit Itsukushima Shrine, the World Heritage with your private English Speaking chartered taxi. 


Visit Yamaguchi city, one of the "52 places to go in 2024" by New York Times:

We visit Yamaguchi City on Day2.

Yamaguchi City has a history of prosperity as "Kyoto in the West. This was due to the Ouchi Clan developed the city in imitation of Kyoto.

Yamaguchi Prefecture is famous in Japan as the birthplace of many influential politicians, prime ministers, and business leaders since the Meiji Restoration 150 years ago.


In this historical place, you will enjoy a kimono and matcha (powdered green tea) experience!
An English-speaking guide will show you around.

Itukushima Shrine, the World Heritage in Hiroshima.
Itukushima Shrine, the World Heritage in Hiroshima.
Kimono experience image
Kimono experience image

2. Zen Meditation at a temple for Spritual Wellness

Zen Meditation at  a temple in Yamaguchi

On day2 , you will experience Zazen (Zen meditation) at a temple in Yamaguchi.

The chief priest of the temple will carefully teach you how to do Zazen.

What is Zazen (Zen Meditation)?

Zazen is a training in Zen Buddhism, in which one meditates deeply while sitting in a correct posture, in order to enter a spiritual state of nothingness.


Benefits of doing zazen
Zazen is an ancient Japanese method of

refreshing the mind.

By sitting up straight and breathing slowly through the abdominal muscles, the mind calms down and the distractions disappear.
It is also a stress reliever.


In addition, various studies have shown that there is scientific support for Zazen. The key word is "serotonin”.



Zazen, which involves concentrated abdominal breathing, causes the secretion of serotonin. The secret of how zazen refreshes the body and mind lies in the function of serotonin.

Zen Meditation at the temple in Yamaguchi
Zen Meditation at the temple in Yamaguchi
Image of Zen Meditation at a temple
Image of Zen Meditation at a temple

3. Natural Hot Spring for your Beauty & Health

One of the hot springs at the hotel where you will be staying on this tour
One of the hot springs at the hotel where you will be staying on this tour
Japanese style luxury hotel where you will stay on this tour
Japanese style luxury hotel where you will stay on this tour

YUDA ONSEN Hot Spring(Yamaguchi)  


You will stay at Yuda Onsen Hot Spring, also known as "White Fox's Hot Spring," where legend has it that a white fox once healed a wound. Yuda Onsen is a natural hot spring that produces 2,000 tons of hot spring water per day. The high alkalinity of the water makes it a cleansing hot spring for beautiful skin, recovery from fatigue etc.

Relax in a natural hot spring at a ryokan full of Japanese atmosphere!

About the Hotel you will stay on this tour:

Japanese-style hotels (ryokan) are characterized not only by their rooms and hot springs, but also by their cuisine and hospitality.


The hotel where we will stay on this tour is a Japanese-style luxury hotel with tradition and history, famous as the hotel where the aspirants of the Meiji Restoration gathered!


*Many of our guests from overseas tell us that they prefer not to be naked in public in order to use the large common onsen bathtubs that are often found in Japanese hot springs.


But don't worry! We chose the hotel with bath, where you can reserve time for private bathing. Please feel free to enjoy the hot spring baths!

4. Special mineral-rich Lunch & Oriental Body Treatment just for you!

Oriental Body Treatment
Oriental Body Treatment
A Special Mineral-Rich Lunch made just for you! (image)
A Special Mineral-Rich Lunch made just for you! (image)

Healing Lunch & Treatment along the forest and mountain stream!

On the third day, We prepare a special lunch and oriental body treatment just for you!


Oriental Body Treatment 

First, you will receive an oriental body treatment (60 minutes). This treatment combines Indian "Ayurveda" and Chinese meridian and rubbing techniques.


The massage is slow and firm, and relieves stiffness from the deepest level. The massage is rhythmical and powerful, yet comfortable and soft. This exquisite balance heals the body.


*You have a choice of oil treatment or shiatsu massage.

Mineral-Rich Lunch made just for you!

Using fresh seasonal ingredients purchased in the morning, the chef will prepare a special mineral-rich lunch just for you!


Enjoy a relaxing time surrounded by the nature of the forest and river!

5. Mineral Health🄬 Checks & Personal Advises for your Health and Beauty

Why are Mineral Health🄬 and food important?

What you eat makes your body and mind.

Mental and physical discomfort may be caused by a mineral imbalance. Find out the balance of 21 necessary minerals and 15 harmful minerals in your body with Oligoscan, a mineral measuring device.


You will know which foods and ingredients are right for you. And use it to improve your health, mind, and beauty, and for daily self-medication.

Balancing minerals in the body may improve:
・Hair and skin problems  ・Fatigue  ・Become more fertile   ・Menstrual irregularity

・Menopausal disorders   ・Low Mood   ・Rejuvenation   etc

3 days Tour Itenerary:

Day 1  Hiroshima ⇒Yamaguchi


12:30  A Private English Speaking taxi driver will be waiting for you at JR Hiroshima Station and go sightseeing in Hiroshima.


-Photo stop at Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome.

-Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima, the World Heritage site.


After sightseeing Itsukushima Shrine, go to Yuda Onsen by the same English driver's taxi.


Aroung 18:00  Arrive at the hotel.


■Place to stay: Yuda Onsen, Yamaguchi
■Meal: Japanese Dinner included.


Day 2  Yamaguchi


8:00   A  Charterd taxi and an English Speaking Guide will pick you up at your hotel. Go to the doctor's clinic for Medical Consaltation.


9:05-11:00   Mineral Health🄬Check & Personal advices from a doctor.


11:10-12:10   Go to a local sake brewery on foot. Sake brewing tour and tasting of 3 types of sake.(No alcohol beverages are also available.)


12:30-13:30    Lunch time

* Your guide will take you to the local healty restaurant on foot.
Please pay for lunch on the spot.


13:30  Go sightseeing in Yamaguchi city by chartered taxi & An English Speaking Guide.


14:30-17:15  Arriving at Saiko-tei in Yamaguchi city. Enjoy Kimono and matcha (traditional Japanese tea and sweets) experience!



-Zen Meditation Experience at Joeiji Temple Sessyu Garden(Traditional Japanese Garden).


17:30 Arriving at Yuda Onsen.

■Place to stay: Yuda Onsen.Yamaguchi

■Meal: Breakfast and Dinner included.



Day 3  Nature in Yamaguchi


9:00  A Charterd taxi and an English Speaking Guide will pick you up at your hotel. Go to Kano area of Shunan City.


10:00-12:30  Oriental Treatment (60min each) for both of you, including time to change clothes


12:30-14:30   Enjoy a special lunch made with fresh, seasonal ingredients purchased in the morning, mineral rich and made just for you!


After Lunch, go to JR Tokuyama Station by a chartered taxi and An English Speaking Guide.


15:30  Arriving at JR Tokuyama Station.

Tour ends. 

About trasportation

JR Tokuyama Station is a Shinkansen(bullet train) station.
So you can go to Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo stations by Shinkansen(bullet train), easily.


We can advise you on transportation beyond JR Tokuyama Station,
Please do not hesitate to ask us!

What includes: 
・Accommodation at Yuda Onsen for 2 night. (2 Breakfast & 2 Dinner included)

・3 days Private chartered taxi 

・An English Speaking Guide for Mineral Health🄬Checks & Personal Advises on Day2

・Mineral Health🄬Checks & Personal Advises on Day2 

・Zazen (Zen Meditation) Experience at a temple on Day 2

・Sake tasting at 100-year-old brewery on Day 2

・Kimono&Macha(traditional Japanese tea and sweet) Experience on Day2

・Lunch on Day3

・Oriental Body Treatment (60min each) on Day3  ( *You have a choice of oil treatment or shiatsu massage.)


What excluded:

・Lunch on Day 1 & Day 2

・Personal Expenses


Application Deadline: 1months before the tour

(After your tour application, we will check the availability of Charterd taxi, English-speaking guides,
and hotels. Then we will get back to you within one week.)


Cancellation Charges:

A cancellation fee will be charged from the following date.

  • 20days to 8days before the tour : 20% of the tour fee.
  • 7 days to 4 days before the tour:  30% of the tour fee.
  • 3 days before the tour: 40% of the tour fee.
  • 2 days before the tour: 50% of the tour fee.
  • On the day of the tour: 100% of the tour fee.


Please read this before applying for a tour
the Standard Terms and Conditions of Tra
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About the Supervisor of this tour:

Dr. Nobuko Ozuno
Dr. Nobuko Ozuno


  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Board Certified Rheumatologist, Japan College of Rheumatology
  • Board Certified Internist, Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
  • Certified Nutritional Consultant, Nutritional Therapy Institute (NTI), Colorado, U.S.A.

Based on her experience of overcoming her own ailments by improving her diet and lifestyle, she promotes and educates the public about "Mineral Health🄬" preventive care, provides medical advice to healthcare companies, and develops products based on evidence.

Apply for a tour

*After your application is submitted, you will be notified by return e-mail within 1 week whether or not

there is availability on the date of your choice.